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Your business has a language all its own...

No other business has a language just like yours. Some may be similar, but none is exactly the same.

Service businesses are different from computers are different from entertainers are different from manufacturers are different from real estate. Each company within each type of business has a slightly different language than any other.

We're talking financial language as well as everyday lingo. We're talking accounting -- accountability, planning, resource management, tax intelligence and decision-making.

We speak your language...

The difference between effective and ordinary accounting often lies in the accountant's ability to speak the financial language of your business. To talk with you rather than at you. To listen to what your business says.

The three keys to that kind of success are experience, flexibility and expertise. Experience with similar types of business; Flexibility to adapt to your particular needs; Expertise in applying accounting techniques to increase the effectiveness of your financial information and communication.

We have the desire...

At Morgenstern Waxman Ellershaw, we have the experience, flexibility and expertise to speak your business language, to meet your accounting needs. What's more, we have the desire.

We have been in business continuously since 1925. We serve a large number of clients in a wide variety of mercantile, non-mercantile and professional categories, for both large and small businesses.

We serve clients in a variety of business and professional categories, for both large and small businesses.

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